Updated 11-27-2016

Welcome to Ol’Scool! This site will be primarily to promote my music, my live performances, my opinions of the State of the Human Race, and provide a way to keep all of you who are interested informed of my predictably unpredictable nature! I may update daily , weekly monthly or whenever I get around to it.

I will post any and all musical adventures I’m presently engaged in, along with any performances and music samples.

I’ve been working with one of my oldest friends on a new album. It combines some old material with new lyrics, along with new material. We have titled it:

Sovereign Human Of The Universe

It alludes to the fact that you are free despite the insistence by various people and groups that you aren’t.

Only when you give them your sanction, do they have any power over you.

Song list

The Fallen
Relatively Speaking
Freedom, Justice, and Liberty
River of Sound
Down to the Bunker
Space of Grey
The Womb

We’ll post samples on the audio samples page when I can.

I’ve decided to start posting full versions of my copyrighted material here, so feel free to use it for your listening pleasure only. It is still copyrighted, so you need express permission to use it elsewhere...

More to come....

I’ll still be going solo when I can. So check back and you’ll never know what you might find!